9 Things To Know Before Moving

Relocating to Seattle or New York City?

You may eager to get your bite of the Big Apple or become enveloped in the Emerald City, but moving to either location can cause big headaches. Luckily we are here to provide assistance as large as you require. We handle everything from custom interior design to the complete relocation of everything that matters in your life.

Whether it’s just the right amount of moving assistance or the extensive no-finger-lifting treatment, we have the services to suit. From apartments or condos to corporate housing, RE:LOCATE will help turn your new space into your new home.

Here are 10 things to know before moving to any big city – and how we can help. You decide the address. We’ll do the rest.

1. Planning just to furnish your space when you arrive? Many furniture stores have lengthy lead times that can delay deliveries for months. Instead of waiting for your new sofa while sitting on cardboard boxes, let us save you the headache with our access to “quick ship” stores. The more time you give us, the easier we can have your entire space fully furnished, accessorized and perfectly matched to your style and taste—all before your Seattle or New York City relocation.

2. Want any walls painted? Or construction done to create a move-in-ready home? Buildings can have strict policies on any contract work and often require a lengthy filing process with the board or possibly the Dept. of Buildings. Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom renovations, security alarms or audio/video systems, sometimes the permissions and paperwork can be more involved than the project itself. But not to worry. We handle every last detail on jobs large and small.

3.  Expecting a furniture delivery? Expect strict building rules as well. Most city buildings will not accept large deliveries on your behalf and many also require elevators to be reserved in advance. Because most deliveries fall within working hours and many buildings require someone to sign for them, it’s easy to see how hassles can often arrive with your deliveries. But just take a deep breath and leave all of that to us. We’ll coordinate all deliveries and can be onsite to receive and set up your delivered items, from packaging removal to final dressing and interior design.

4. Did the delivery company first deliver their insurance papers? Many buildings require specific paperwork and insurance filed from delivery companies before they’ll accept deliveries. While this seems like an extra hurdle to getting your furniture, it’s simply part of our turnkey relocation services that let you just sit back and enjoy your new home.

5. Was the dent in the package from the deliveryman or your doorman? If an item arrives damaged but has been signed for, companies often won’t take the responsibility of replacing. Sometimes sending something back for an exchange can be as difficult (or more so) than accepting deliveries in the first place. With us onsite to accept and inspect all deliveries on your behalf, we can ensure your items are either in perfect condition or that replacements are quickly on their way.

6. That sofa fits the room but what about the elevator? Even large buildings have size restrictions for freight elevators. You’d hate to find out your beautiful new sofa couldn’t make it past the lobby. What then? We tackle all of this—double-checking all measurements and specs to ensure everything fits as perfectly into the building as into your interior designer-customized décor.

7.  Is the cable guy supposed to arrive between 8 am and 12 pm? Some buildings only allow outside contractors during certain hours making cable or Internet installations a huge hassle to coordinate. We schedule and oversee all installations for you and have our own tech experts to handle even the most sophisticated audio/video systems. We also can provide an easy-to-follow reference guide to make controlling all your gadgets a breeze.

8.  Feeling unsettled about the time it takes to get settled? The average-size 2 bedroom home can take 3 to 4 days to fully unpack and get into “ready to live in” condition. If you’d prefer to make better use of your time rather than unboxing, unwrapping and unpacking, then lean on us. Our white-glove service takes care of everything (including discarding all moving materials/boxes) before you arrive, or while you’re at work or out enjoying your new city. With RE:LOCATE’s comprehensive relocation service, you can arrive to a perfectly ready-to-live-in home courtesy of professional interior designers.

9.  Prefer your life to be stress free?  In a city lifestyle, even the simplest of errands can become a process. Things like grocery shopping and picking up dry cleaning in the city are no longer just a simple “hop in the car” task. RE:LOCATE is here to create the smoothest transition possible for aspects of your life beyond just interior design and moving assistance. We can arrange automated and recurring services for house cleaning, grocery delivery, laundry and dry cleaning to name a few. Imagine first walking into your new home with your kitchen and refrigerator stocked with all your favorite things—yes, even down to the mustard. Let us handle shopping for all the essentials so that when you arrive, you can head out, stress free, to enjoy your new city. That’s what we call the RE:LOCATE welcome.

No headaches here! Just let us know how we can help.