What’s your move type?

Planning to relocate to Seattle or New York City and not sure if you need some moving assistance?

Like people, all moves are different.

You might have the time, the know-how and the creativity to pull off a seamless move-in and interior designer magazine-worthy ready-to-live-in apartment. Or, the thought of that may bring on a migraine.

Chances are you may have most things figured out, but need help matching a new arm chair to your grandmother’s heirloom coffee table. Or, you’re like the majority of most urbanites who arrive with less than a New York minute to manage every detail and are in need of someone to tackle a turnkey service on your behalf. In that case, look no further.

Check out these three unique moves that show the range of RE:LOCATE’s relocation services. But please remember that every client is a custom move, and the real extent to what we do depends on what you need. Need help? Let’s get moving.